BA RIA CITY GATE is one of the few projects in Ba Ria that is professionally invested, well planned and synchronized, as the result, it creates superior attraction over other projects in the same area. In particular, the beautiful city houses located on the front of Highway 51 not only bring modern breath with lively pace of town, but it also opens business opportunities and high profitability when leasing.

Housing area is low-rise but it has an open space with a large area for internal transport infrastructure, kindergarten and green park.

This is where families together enjoy relaxing and comfortable moments in the open green space in the heart of the urban area. Residents will be recreated a new source of energy and nurture a fount of love and attached among family members.

BA RIA CITY GATE deserves to be the place to send the full trust of a perfect living environment with convenient and modern internal facilities, where children are able to play, be absorbed in creativity, develop comprehensively physique and thinking.

Inherited diverse services and utilities in a radius of 3km such as supermarkets, commercial centers, parks, stadiums, hospitals, ... to meet the needs of the modern resident community.

The system of schools at all levels, colleges and universities brings high-level and modern education and training environment.

From RIA CITY GATE BA, it can be easily connected to the famous tourist areas nearby such as: Long Hai beach, Vung Tau, Ho Tram, Binh Chau, ...

Dong Nam Construction Co., Ltd is one of the influential, professional contractors and investors with over 20 years of experience in the field of construction and real estate business. The company has been investing and developing many key projects in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province and is highly appreciated for quality, technology as well as works of art.
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